A recent book I have read, Eric Ries's
“The Lean Startup” enlightened me to a new way I look at all things I do, which is...
“build... measure... learn”

I have chosen to take on a new Ad-Venture (pun intended) of helping others market their properties. I find it fascinating & rewarding to generate creative marketing assets which appeal to my creative side. I then apply my analytical side of analyzing the performance of my creative side ...

– Paul Papagiannis



On life's journey, I have decided to make a change. I have always been a creative person. I enjoy technology and have perpetually dabbled in techy projects from graphics, motion graphics, 3d virtual worlds, modeling texturing and rendering 3d objects, and even 3d printing my 3d creations.

I have decided to dive into digital marketing for many reasons. I find it enjoyable, and it does complement and expand my vast ever-expanding knowledge of design, which also utilizes my past experiences in many creative mediums.

Now I find enjoyment in analyzing data. Building marketing campaigns, analyzing them, and learning from the analysis and implementing the winning split test. Geeky, yes, but a great way to always develop and improve your marketing strategies. I also find it very rewarding & enjoyable to help other businesses to grow and become more profitable. I also enjoy going over the value that I bring to each company by exhibiting the numbers that illustrate the facts of a beneficial ROI.



I have been in and around marketing in various forms and functions for all of my professional career. From video content creation, many kinds of photography, web design, UX/UI Design, 3d concepts, Motion Graphics, QTVR walkthroughs,(now know as virtual tours), copywriting, data analysis, and a tiny bit of sales.

Sales is a new challenge for me, but one that I am determined in learning and mastering. From what I have discovered so far... Is that you need to have integrity. Give your clients indisputable value. Believe in what your selling will help your clients. To listen to what your clients have to say so you can then identify the real problems that they might not even know they have, and effectively help them with their problem, or improve their current methods. Seems simple right?


NEW ways to get more eyes on your Services or properties

In my research, many small, midsize, don't employ digital marketing. Or they only rely on referrals or still rely on traditional marketing like flyers, print ads, radio, and tv commercials. Some companies would depend on their sales teams to do all of the research and outreach for people that might be interested in your services or properties. Why not have your sales team follow up from people that are interested in what you have to offer. People or businesses that found one of your ads online searching for what you have to offer.

schedule a call to learn what I can do for you

If you are the least bit interested but may not quite understand how this could help your business. Schedule a call and lets discuss how this could be a game changer for your business. 

Currently as of October 20th 2019 this website is in beta...

Still building pages to inform visitors how this could help businesses in the AEC or Real Estate industries, or any place with a space showcase their place, virtually. 

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