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Architecture Projects 
24x7, to more clients anywhere in the world...

4 Main BENEFITS of a virtual tour

Cut Out Travel...

Need to cut travel expenses? Show people around the world? Viewing your space virtually saves you time & money. Also another good use case is that it's online 24/7 to view at anytime from anywhere. All the viewer requires is a connection to the internet.

Save Time...

Time = money. So save both. By showing your virtual tour online you can reach more people, from around the world.If you have multiple floor plans or ideas to show a potential client they can narrow down what they like best. All before they booking meeting with you. Saving you your time and theirs. Your clients will thank you for being innovative and saving them their time. 

Think Fast...

You can do an initial quick as is model for a rough early design work with a 48 hour turn around (in most cases). Iterate your on Architectural designs faster, cheaper and accurately for way less than a high end lidar scan or start the initial rough design work while the highly accurate measurements are being surveyed. 

Improve ROI...

By saving time, money and being able to design quicker than your competitors you essentially improve your bottom line with a greatly improved return on investment. Your improved perceived value in your clients mind is priceless. Not only can you show your current client building progress in regular intervals, but you can use the virtual tours as a case studies and marketing collateral to impress your next client. 


Cut travel... Show your latest Real Estate Project without leaving the office

Are you sure your client is 100% committed? Don't spend all that time traveling to your client's location. Show off your finished (or not finished) projects that was built in another city, state, country, content... right in your office. Or online, with a video conference. Share a link to a hosted webpage that allows you to see how much time they spend viewing your projects and which ones they spent the most time on giving you the edge with added business intelligence.


Cut Time... 
Show SEVERAL Architectural projects

Show a potential real estate investor your past projects in great detail, showing your AEC team's great attention to detail. Not only are your saving your time, and your client's time, but you are putting your best foot forward by showing your innovation & forward thinking just with this virtual tour presentation of your portfolio alone. 



Rough out ideas quickly and cost effectively. Iterate on design ideas. Show those new ideas to project stakeholders where ever in the world they might be. By the way, you do not need a VR headset to view a virtual tour. Any computer with a internet connection can view a virtual tour. I like the aesthetic, futuristic look of the images and they do convy virtual tours best at a glance. 


Show more clients &
more sales...

With cutting travel and saving time, of course you would save money as well. Imagine you have a 20 unit condo or apartment building in the construction phase. The floor plans are the same or very similar to an existing building you or your partners own. Show the virtual tours of the several floor plans you offer in your new complex. This allows the potential buyers to narrow down which floorplan they like best, reducing the time needed to book time with your sales agent to view the suites they have no interest in because they already viewed the suites online and narrowed their list to the top 2 or 3 suites they would like to see. These potential buyers could be out of town, state, country or continent. This also allows your sales team to spend less time with each buyer allowing them to book time with more buyers. 

Board room reviewing virtual tours

Want to learn more how I could help your business?

Learn how a 3D Scan or virtual tour of your space or business could help your business. Let's chat about your particular  business and I will explain to you how a virtual tour could add value to grow your business, because if I can not show you value I do not deserve your business. 

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I am currently adding more pages to inform visitors how virtual tours could help businesses in the AEC or Real Estate industries, or any place with a space to showcase their place, virtually. 

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